WDTX 7th Supplemental Order on Court Operations During COVID

As part of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are now on the seventh supplemental order from Chief Judge Garcia regarding Court operations in WDTX during this strange time. The evolution of the Court’s orders regarding COVID can all be accessed HERE.

Here are the highlights from the latest Order:

Trials Continued Through September 30, 2020:

All trials, both civil and criminal, bench and jury, currently set through September 30, 2020 are continued.

Discretion to Proceed With Jury Trials:

WDTX encompasses 68 different counties and the Court recognizes that the public health considerations may be very different between Divisions.  Thus, the judges in each division are permitted to evaluate the facts and circumstances of that division to determine whether jury trials can safely proceed.  If the judges determine jury trials can be safely conducted, the most senior judge in the division may enter an order resuming jury trials.