Naman Howell Member Quoted on Waco’s Changing Patent Litigation Landscape

One of our wonderful contributors, Andy Powell, a partner at Naman Howell Smith & Lee in Waco, was quoted in Law360 discussing the impact Judge Albright has had on the patent litigation scene here in the Waco Division:

“He’s very knowledgeable on patent law,” said Naman Howell Smith & Lee PLLC member Andy Powell of Judge Albright. “He really knows the case law very well, and he has an absolute passion for it.”

Powell, who is based in Judge Albright’s Waco division and has been practicing in the Western District for nearly 20 years, said that the judge’s predecessor, Judge Walter Scott Smith Jr., barely touched patents: Over 32 years, there were only 45 patent cases before Judge Smith.

“The number of patent cases that have been filed here has just gone up astronomically,” Powell said.

Full Article Here: Judge Albright Now Oversees 20% Of New US Patent Cases

Judge Albright now presides over 20% of the nation’s patent litigation cases. In 2020, almost 800 new cases were filed in Judge Albright’s court, the largest number of any judge in the country. Judge Gilstrap had the second largest number of new cases filed in his court last year with 252 new filings. This means Judge Albright saw more than triple the number of new cases as Judge Gilstrap last year. In fact, the total number of cases filed in Judge Albright’s court in 2020 is only two less than the total number filed in Judge Gilstrap’s court for 2018-2020 combined.