2nd Amended Standing Order Re Motions for Inter-District Transfer

Today, Judge Albright entered his Second Amended Standing Order Regarding Motions for Inter-District Transfer, which replaces the previous June 8 Order.

The Second Amended Order still requires a party who has filed a motion for inter-district transfer to provide the Court with a report regarding the briefing status prior to the Markman hearing, but with a few changes:

  1. A party must file the status report with respect to whether the motion has been fully briefed and is ready for resolution no later than four weeks prior to the date of the Markman hearing (amended from six weeks in the prior order).
  2. If, by one week before the Markman hearing, the Court has not ruled on a pending inter-district motion to transfer, the moving party is directed to email the Court’s law clerk and the technical advisor (if appointed) to indicate that the motion to transfer is pending.

Below is the text of a portion of the Second Amended Order with the amendments highlighted. The full Standing Order can be found HERE.