Waco Founder Lions Club: January 15, 2020

Registered Patent Attorney Andy Powell spoke at the Waco Founder Lions Club on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 delivering a presentation entitled, “Waco: New Hotbed of IP Litigation”  Mr. Powell spoke with the Waco Lions about current trends in the Western District of Texas, Waco Division and the incredible fact that over 218 new patent infringement cases were filed in the Waco Division in 2019, with over 250 patent cases filed in the Waco Division since Judge Alan Albright took the bench in 2018. 

Mr. Powell also discussed specific patent cases in which Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee, PLLC has been involved during that time as well as some substantive aspects of patent law generally. If your social club or organization would like to learn more about current trends in IP law and patent litigation in our local federal court, or patent and trademark law more generally, please click here to contact us!

24th Annual Advanced Patent Law Institute: Nov. 7-8, 2019

John Palmer attended the 2019 Advanced Patent Law Institute in Austin, Texas. Some topics included a review of the previous year’s key Federal Circuit and Supreme Court decisions and updates in the landscape of Section 101 law. The Conference featured a U.S. District Court Judicial Panel where a distinguished panel of Judges, including local Waco Judge Alan Albright, discussed their experiences hearing and trying patent cases.

23rd Annual EDTX Bench Bar: September 23-25, 2019

Jacqueline Altman and John Palmer attended the 2019 Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference, a three-day patent litigation conference featuring dozens of panels with current Federal Circuit and District Judges, PTAB Judges, patent litigators, in-house counsel, and former and current law clerks.

Waco Rotary Club Speech: July 8, 2019

Andy Powell spoke at the Waco Rotary Club with a presentation entitled, “Waco, Texas: New Hotbed of IP Litigation?” discussing the changes in the IP landscape so far and his predictions for the future.